Monday, February 28, 2011

Heaven on a plate

Our Girl Scout Cookies are here! Ms. Martha called me and let me know this weekend and we had to figure out how we'd get together for me to get them. Ms. Martha has been living a VERY busy life recently, so she suggested that we have lunch. I was super excited, number one, I got to hang with her, number two, I got to eat lunch out, and number three, Micah got to stay at school late.... That made both of us happy. Micah always asks to stay late at school. He always wants to eat lunch there and has always wanted to take a nap there. Today he did both. He took a nap at school! That is major! I was SO happy to pick him up at 3 and find him happy and rested. Normally he is exhausted when I pick him up at 12! Naps do a body good!
While Micah was learning, eating, and sleeping, Ms. Martha and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for a Oh So Delicious Lunch. I LOVE that place! I totally enjoyed my lunch including dessert. Patton did great most of the time and even ate some bread. Girl Scout Cookies, Micah napped at school, Cheesecake Factory...Today was a great day! Thank you Ms. Martha!!


Kelly Ford said...

mmmmmmmmmmm... what did you have for lunch? and what kind of cheesecake did you have?

Miriam said...

Crusted Chicken Romano and Snickers Cheesecake.... My fav! How about you!?

Kelly Ford said...

lousianna chicken pasta and 2 cheesecakes (one for me, one for jeff, but we shared both cause i got them "to go"). 1.Reeses (should've gotten adams peanut butter, NOT reeses) and 2. 30th anniv. choclate cheesecake. YUM