Friday, February 11, 2011

Brad Paisley

Stacy and I both LOVE Brad Paisley. He has been our favorite male country artist for a long time. He hasn't been to Altanta since 2007 and we missed him then. I was SO excited when I learned that Stacy bought tickets to the concert. We haven't been to a concert since BM, and this was Brad Paisley! There are a couple of interesting things that happened before our long awaited date night. First off, we've had the tickets since before Christmas.... Stacy and I both asked Mama to babysit. She forgot and scheduled clients anyway. She felt really bad, but we asked Nut to help out until Mama got off of work. She said she could, but ended up having to make an emergency trip to the chiropracter and that left Jerms in charge until she finished. Poor Poor Jerms. He was SO kind to fill in, but I still feel SO bad for him. I learned that Patton cried (SCREAMED) the Entire time until Laura got there. Poor P didn't know what to do. And neither did Jerms :( It's hard enough for me to handle a screaming baby that I held in my stomach for 9 months, and then spend Everyday with, but Jerms...... Poor Poor Jerms. That is only part of the fun for the night. We had planned to leave at 5. 5:00 turned into 5:30 due to Stacy working late. We planned to eat near the Arena and thought we'd try a place called Arena Tavern. We got there at 6, called, and they had an hour wait! Time was slipping away and the concert began at 7:30. We ended up at Red Lobster. It was okay. I don't eat seafood, so I had chicken, Stacy had "oceany" salmon. (He is very sick as I write:() We rushed through our meal, hardly enjoyed it, and made it to the Arena and to our seats literally 5 minutes before the concert began. Jerrod Niemann opened. He was great (way better than I thought he's be) Darius Rucker was next, previously from Hootie and the Blowfish, he now sings country, but sang a lot of old Hootie stuff...... LOVED him! Then came Brad. He was Awesome. Our seats were great, section 106, the music was top notch, and well, Stacy and I spent some time alone (well without our children) Brad sang all of our favorite songs, changed guitars at least 6 times, he put on a great show! Overall it was a great date!

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Misti said...

Fun! I love going to concerts.